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Open PART File

Files with PART file extension contain incomplete downloads initiated by Mozilla Firefox browser. Any new file download initiated by Mozilla Firefox will receive PART file extension until the download is completed. When download is completed, and all information is written to the file, PART file extension will be removed from the end of the filename leaving just original download filename and fully downloaded file.

Below we will describe how to open PART file on Windows 10 operating system but similar approach would work on any operating system which supports Mozilla Firefox. For instructions for Mac OS operating system see this article.

If you need to open PART file on your disk the best way of proceeding would be to open Mozilla Firefox browser on that computer and check if the file you want to open is in the list of downloads.

If you see a file in Mozilla Firefox download list which is paused, and it matches the name of a PART file you see on disk then all that you need to do is to click a right mouse button on that file in Mozilla Firefox Download Window. In a dropdown menu select “Resume” to continue this download.

When download is completed PART file extension will be removed from the filename of the download and you should be able to open a file according to its original file extension.

If you don’t see the download matching PART file on disk in your Mozilla Firefox download list you can try to see if the file you are trying to download is still available for download from the place you originally downloaded it. If it was downloaded from the internet you can paste filename without PART extension into the Google search and see if you can find the original download location.

In the screenshot above you can see that entire filename was selected except from .part file extension. After we copy and paste the filename into Google search, we will get an original download location of the file.

If you downloaded the file in question from the e-mail you can try searching your e-mail inbox for the filename. Most of e-mail clients support searching for the attachment by filename.

Open PART File on Windows

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and check if you can restart the download located in the PART file
  • Check if you can find the unfinished download at the Mozilla Firefox downloads page
  • See if you can change PART file extension to the extension of the file you were downloading and see if it opens
  • Try to restart the download process again
  • Click on the download link on the website to begin download again
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PART Quick Info
Mozilla Firefox Partial Download File
Depends on the type of file being downloaded
PART File Opens with
  • Resume in Mozilla Firefox
  • Text Editor
  • HEX Editor