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Open Incomplete PART File

Even if partial download file in question could not be resumed from the browser, you can still try to open PART file by removing .part from the end of the file name and trying to double click on a file in question. Depending on the type of file this could either open the partial file or the application responsible for opening that file type will report an error.

Certain types of partial files (like video or music files) may play certain part of the content but most will probably fail at the early point since video and music compression algorithms typically store information in different places of the file and may look ahead in the file when uncompressing.

Files with text information like .TXT, .XML, .JSON, and other will be the easiest to open with the above method. When you remove .part from the end of the file and double click on the file you will be able to see all textual information downloaded to the .part file. The file content will be cut precisely at the point where download failed.

Certain binary file formats may still be partially recoverable with this method. For example TAR files contain many files merged together one after another. Even if only part of TAR file was downloaded you may still recover files which are stored in the downloaded part.

Executable and library files like EXE, DLL, LIB, SYS, DRV will not be recoverable if only part of them is downloaded. Executable code inside these files is interlinked and chunks of code could be located at different places inside the file. Similar issue applies to compressed files and compressed image files. The will not be restorable with only part of file present. In case of compressed archive if there are multiple files in an archive you still may recover several files from it but the probability of that is low.

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PART Quick Info
Mozilla Firefox Partial Download File
Depends on the type of file being downloaded
PART File Opens with
  • Resume in Mozilla Firefox
  • Text Editor
  • HEX Editor