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What is PART File?

Files with PART file extension contain incomplete downloads initiated by Mozilla Firefox browser. Any new file download initiated by Mozilla Firefox will receive PART file extension until the download is completed.

How to open PART File?

If you need to open PART file on your disk the best way of proceeding would be to open Mozilla Firefox browser on that computer and check if the file you want to open is in the list of downloads. If you see a file in Mozilla Firefox download list which is paused, and it matches the name of a part file you see on disk then all that you need to do is to click a right mouse button on that file in Mozilla Firefox Download Window. In a dropdown menu select “Resume” to continue this download.

What are File Extensions?

File extensions are used by operating systems to specify what kind of information is stored in a file.

How to Open Incomplete PART File?

You can try to open PART file by removing .part from the end of the file name and trying to double click on a file in question. Depending on the type of file this could either open the partial file or the application responsible for opening that file type will report an error.

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PART Quick Info
Mozilla Firefox Partial Download File
Depends on the type of file being downloaded
PART File Opens with
  • Resume in Mozilla Firefox
  • Text Editor
  • HEX Editor