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Besides downloading files from the internet it is often useful to save some other content from the website like pages, images and more. This is especially useful when you plan to go to a place which doesn’t have internet connection and you still want to read an article you haven’t finished reading.

The quickest way to save something for offline use is to take screenshots of the content. It is very efficient if content is single page only but it may become tricky if content requires scrolling. The problem with screenshots is that text on them may not be very easy to read, select and copy. You probably can use OCR software to convert screenshot into a textual format but efficiency of this process is pretty low and you probably will be able to save only small amount of information. But still it may work for many simple tasks.

Another quick way of doing this is by copying and pasting required web page content into desktop or mobile office app. This way you can copy multiple web pages or excerpts into one document and annotate it according to your needs. But on the negative side copy and paste operation often corrupts web page layout and makes it unreadable so it may require quite a lot of work to bring it back into readable format.

Several mobile apps allow saving web pages for offline reading. For example with Pocket app you can save articles that you find interesting but don’t have time to read yet. You can do it right from your mobile or desktop browser using “Share” button on mobile and “Pocket” button on desktop, and these articles will be downloaded and available in your Pocket app for future reading.

If you want to save a web page without using apps like Pocket you can still do that by using “Save Page as…” functionality available in desktop browsers. This option is typically available in the File menu and it saves an entire page content together with all related files on it (including images and scripts and excluding downloads).

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